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A Great Alternative to Corner Discs

Posted On 2013-06-14 04:10:18 |  Read 2896 times | 0 Comments

A review of the S3259P ProRig Original Design Ezi Hold Dee Ring with Pipe, including correct installation instructions.


The S3259P ProRig Original Design Ezi Hold Dee Ring with Pipe is an innovative alternative to corner and termination discs in shade sail assembly. This popular fitting is made with AISI 316 marine grade stainless steel, is designed to be strong, and easy to install with a toggle bolt or threaded rod. The Ezi Hold Dee Ring with Pipe is specifically designed to be setup in correct alignment to maximise strength and durability.

A major benefit of this fitting is that it reduces the distance between the shade sail and the fixing point by eliminating the need for a turnbuckle.

Without correct alignment, the breaking strains of the ProRig Ezi Hold Dee Ring with Pipe is greatly reduced. Incorrect alignment occurs when the distance from the leading edge of the sail is too close to the connection point.

As seen in Fig.1, the fitting has been over tightened and subject to failure.

The recommended distance is when the fixing point and the grooved channel are in alignment, in Fig.2 above it's 180mm. You can see a straight line through the centre of the fixing point, the grooved channel and the webbing. Each installation application may vary the dimension. When properly installed this product is a cost efficient and stylish alternative to corner discs when finishing your shade sail assembly.

We have more development for this fitting on the horizon so please watch this space.


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