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Wire Balustrade

Miami Stainless high-quality stainless steel Wire Balustrade Hardware is available in 304 grade and the higher quality 316 marine grade wire, suitable for coastal and marine environments.  Our systems are unique, functional, easy to install and provides a stylish and contemporary finish to any project.   Our range of stainless steel wire balustrade systems can be installed horizontally or vertically.  Vertical stainless steel wire balustrade is a great alternative to glass for balustrades over 4 metres in height.  CLICK HERE FOR ONLINE INSTANT BALUSTRADE QUOTE CALCULATOR

Miami Stainless Wire Balustrade Hardware includes high-quality fittings such as ProRig Stainless Steel Wire Rope, ProRig and Econ Bottlescrews, Threaded Forks, Swage Studs, Thimbles, Screw Eyes and Saddles.

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