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Choosing a Balustrade: The Top 5 Mistakes People Make

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5 Errors of Judgement Not to Make When Buying or Specifying Balustrades

You might think that choosing a balustrade for a staircase, balcony or terrace is a simple matter but if you want to ensure that your next refurbishment or renovation project is an unqualified success, it is a very good idea to spend some time considering your options as far as this particular area of interior design is concerned. There are many different styles in use today, manufactured from a wide variety of materials, so you will have plenty to mull over before coming to a final decision. If you are worried that choosing something out of the ordinary could easily turn out to be a costly mistake, take a look at the list we have compiled below of the top 5 errors that people make when they are choosing a new balustrade for their home or commercial property. Apprised of the possibilities, you will hopefully be able to avoid making the same mistakes!


5 Errors of Judgement Not to Make When Buying or Specifying Balustrades

Whether you are an interior design professional or a homeowner who is about to embark on a major refurbishment project, be sure to avoid the following 5 mistakes when choosing new balustrades.


  1. Focusing Exclusively on Aesthetics – While you may be considering new balustrades purely from a design point of view, as part of your plan to transform your home into a beautiful environment where you love to be as often as possible, there are other factors that you need to take into account. Practical considerations should not be neglected as balustrades have a very important role to play as far as safety is concerned too. Choosing a style that will not prevent you from falling over the side of a staircase or with handrails that are too slippery to be of any real use could turn out to be a very big mistake.
  2. Self Installation – Installing an important structural component such as a balustrade is not a task that should be attempted by inexperienced homeowners. Unless you are extremely confident in your DIY skills and have several years of professional experience in the home improvement industry, hiring a professional installation team is undoubtedly the sensible choice. A local contractor with a good reputation and full liability insurance will be your best option; preferably a company that can provide positive references and testimonials if they are requested. The only exception to this rule is for those who purchase balustrade posts and other components that are specifically designed to be easy for DIY enthusiasts to install.
  3. Considering Price in Isolation – Just as bad as focusing purely on aesthetics is the mistake of considering the cost of your new balustrade to the exclusion of all other factors. The cheapest option may be the best option in certain cases but often it is not. Design features, safety, durability, and delivery times all need to be considered at the same time as price. The best way to approach the financial side of choosing a new balustrade is to find various styles that meet your needs and only then examine the costs associated with each one. That way, you will be able to limit your evaluation to balustrades that actually meet all of your needs.
  4. Neglecting to Consider Maintenance Issues – Investing a large sum of money in an elaborately carved mahogany balustrade that quickly falls into a state of disrepair owing to the fact you cannot find a local craftsman to maintain it would be a big mistake to make. Installing a balustrade that featured large panes of glass in a house with young children could also be a costly mistake as constantly wiping off dirty fingerprints is a task that can get old very quickly. You need to think about how easy your new balustrade will be to maintain and keep clean before you make a final decision as to which type you are going to purchase.
  5. Not Considering the Setting – Where your new balustrades are going to be installed is of course a very important factor to consider when choosing between the many different styles that are currently available. If you live in an elegantly decorated but very traditional townhouse, stainless steel and glass models are unlikely to blend in very well with the existing décor. For modern homes, carved wooden balusters can look equally out of place.


For more help choosing the right balustrades for your next home improvement project, please call during business hours to chat to a member of our team.


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