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Maximising Natural Light

Posted On 2015-10-16 00:54:58 |  Read 818 times | 0 Comments

Wire balustrade allows natural light and air flow freely around small spaces.

Maximising Natural Light: Small Office Wire Balustrade

A small office located in Burleigh Heads had big plans to achieve a modern and spacious feel for entertaining clients while maximising workspace.

Sun light floods the office from both first and second floor windows, eliminating the need for artificial sources throughout the day. Maintaining the natural light source was central to the design plan, requiring a division of rooms without restricting flow.

A wire balustrade system was selected as a barrier for the upper floor to allow light and air to move uninterrupted around the space. Miami Stainless supplied a Nutsert Tension Rod System for its streamline and modern finish that contributed to the overall look and feel of the design.

Miami Stainless balustrade systems consist of the highest quality stainless steel wire rope and fittings that are low maintenance and high shine. Many systems have the ability to arrive on site pre-swaged, saving time and money on installation.

The Nutsert Tension Rod System supplied on this project is one of many products developed in-house and patented by Miami Stainless. It was designed as an alternative to the traditional hand swaged system, consisting of less bulky fittings. It is the ideal system when flexibility is required with installation, delivered ready for hand swaging if measurements are uncertain.

Pre-drilled posts with blind nuts inserted are an option to further reduce installation time and save on labour cost. In-house fabrication for round, square and flat bar posts in mirror and satin finish is available, made to specifications and delivered ready to install.

Wire balustrade systems used as a minimalistic barrier are often paired with flat bar or rectangular hollow section (RHS) intermediate posts. Alternative options for intermediate posts include a 2” (50.8mm) to match end posts for a consistent look or a 1” (25.4mm) to create a streamline appearance. The purpose of the middle post is to separate wires in long sections to meet regulation, allowing more flexibility with its design.    Nutserts are inserted into metal end posts to provide an anchor point for the wire balustrade system. The same system can be installed into timber posts by replacing nutserts with threaded inserts. The end cap and stop bolt sit flush against both fittings, creating a stylish finish.


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