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The ProRig Original Design Insert Tension Rod System is one of our most popular streamline DIY stainless steel wire balustrade systems for timber posts. Simply insert the Right Hand Threaded Inserts in to your timber posts, hand swage the fittings onto each end of your wire then screw into your posts to create tension on the wire.

To order, simply calculate the amount of wire you need by measuring the distance between the starting and finishing points of your posts and then provide this information, along with the qualtity of fittings, to Miami Stainless either through our online Balustrade Builder or contact us directly via phone, fax or email. Your Tension Rod System will arrive at your door in kit form ready for a quick and simple installation.


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Please Note: This method is only suitable for timber posts. 

FAQ About This Method


Can I install this method myself? Yes, even someone with no experience can easily install all our wire balustrade systems.


Do I need any special tools? Other than common handyman tools such as an electric drill and drill bits you will need a Hex Swaging Tool, Soft Jaw Pliers and a set of Wire Rope Cutters. You can purchase these tools and drill bits for easy installation of this system if required.


What size and type of stainless steel wire do I use? This method is almost always used with 3.2mm 1 x 19 stainless steel wire rope. This wire is the most functional for stainless steel wire balustrade systems due to its bright surface finish, attractive appearance, durability, strength and low stretch.


What spacing do I need between my wires? When using 3.2mm 1 x 19 stainless steel wire, you will usually need 80mm spacing (usually 11 runs) between your wires when using a standard one (1) meter high handrail. Please click here for more information on the current NCC Wire Balustrade Regulations.


Can I use this balustrade system on a stair or angled section? Yes, the Insert Tension Rod System can be used on a stair or angled section as long as the Threaded Inserts are inserted into your timber posts at the same angle as the stair or ramp section. A larger counter sink will be required to allow for the M6 locking nut.  Please note: It is recommended you prepare a drilling jig to assist with drilling your pilot hole.  Check out our resources section here to learn how to make a drilling jig.


What size pilot hole should I drill for my Threaded Inserts? You will require a 9.5mm pilot hole to a depth of at least 40mm.  Finish off the pilot hole with a counter sinking bit to allow the Threaded Inserts to sit flush with your posts.


What is the maximum length run I can do? The Insert Tension Rod System can easily span up to 10 meters. Longer runs up to 16 meters can be achieved by using a Tension Rod at each end, please contact Miami Stainless for further information.


What size hole should I drill through my intermediate posts? A 4.0mm hole through your intermediate posts will allow the wire rope to pass through.


Can I take my balustrade wire around corners? Miami Stainless highly recommends that you do not bend your wire around corners; this can fatigue the wire, put excessive stress on your posts, and make it difficult to get the required tension on your wire to meet NCC Regulations.


Can I use this method if I have timber posts? Yes.


Can I use this method if I have metal posts? No, however the ProRig Original Design Nutsert Tension Rod System suits metal posts.  You can find out more about the Nutsert Tension Rod System by clicking the link above.


What do I need to get a quote? To get a free, no obligation quote you will need to know how many sections you require and the length of each section. You will also need the height of your handrail between your decking or platform and the underside of your handrail.  You can use the Miami Stainless Balustrade Builder to compare different wire balustrade systems at your convenience or contact us directly.


How do I order? Simply follow the steps using the Miami Stainless Balustrade Builder and make a secure payment by credit card or you can contact us directly.


If you contact Miami Stainless directly we require your overall wire measurement or the exact measurements from the inside to inside face of your posts to be supplied in writing.  You can provide these measurements by email or fax. At this time payment is required which can be made by either credit card over the phone or by EFT. When making payment by EFT, please email or fax your payment remittance with invoice number to make sure your items are not delayed. Please note: For security reasons, please do not email your credit card details.


How much will freight cost me and when can I expect delivery? The Insert Tension Rod System is usually dispatched the day* full payment is received. Miami Stainless has a maximum freight charge of $12 plus GST for Road Express via Star Track Express Australia wide. Please see the Delivery Table below for approximate delivery times.  Please note: Miami Stainless offers an Air Freight service for packages under 5kg.  Please contact us for further information.


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*While Miami Stainless endeavors to make sure all stainless steel wire and fittings are dispatched the day payment is made, during busy times such as leading into Christmas, we can experience a high workload and delays. 



Approximate Delivery Time


1 2 full working days

New South Wales

1 2 full working days

Australian Capital Territory

1 2 full working days


2 3 full working days

South Australia

2 3 full working days


5 6 full working days

Northern Territory

6 7 full working days

Western Australia

6 7 full working days

*Miami Stainless cannot guarantee freight delivery times


What should I do if I have any further questions? If you have any further questions please contact Miami Stainless directly on 1800 022 122 or by email, [email protected] and one of our friendly staff will be happy to help.