Jaw Swage Bottlescrew System with Flip Toggle

Jaw Swage Bottlescrew System with Flip Toggle

The ProRig Original Design Flip Toggle Systems™ are the newest, most streamline way of fitting stainless steel wire balustrade to metal posts. You can use the ProRig Flip Toggle™ in conjunction with a number of other stainless steel wire balustrade systems including the Jaw Swage Bottlescrew System for stairs or ramp sections.

Simply hand swage the ProRig Flip Toggle™ fittings on the wire with a Hex Swaging Tool, drill a 6.0mm hole in one side of your metal post, insert the ProRig Flip Toggle™ and pull back stainless steel wire. The Flip Toggle will lock into place allowing you to create the required tension from the other end of the span.

To order, simply measure the distance from inside to inside post between the starting and finishing points of your posts and provide them to Miami Stainless either through our online Balustrade Builder or contact us directly via phone, fax or email. Your wires will arrive to your door pre-swaged to your exact measurements for a very quick and simple installation.

Please Note: This method is only suitable for metal posts.

Read FAQ and learn more about the Jaw Swage Bottlescrew System with Flip Toggle here.

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