Econ Insert Swage Stud System For Timber Posts

Econ Insert Swage Stud System For Timber Posts

The Econ Insert Swage Stud System™ is one of our most popular streamline stainless steel wire balustrade systems for timber posts. Simply insert the Left and Right Hand Threaded Inserts into your timber posts using a standard electric drill and hex head driver bit, screw the corresponding factory swaged swage studs into the Threaded Inserts and create tension on the wire.

If you require a complete factory swaged system, order through our online 
Balustrade Builder or contact us directly via phone, fax or email. Your wires will arrive to your door pre-swaged to your exact measurements for a very quick and simple installation.

Please Note: This method is only suitable for timber posts.

Read FAQ and learn more about the Insert Swage Stud System here.

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