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Using our online balustrade calculator is QUICK and EASY.  

1. Choose STRAIGHT or ANGLED sections on the buttons below

2. Choose TIMBER or METAL posts

3. Choose the type of balustrade system you want

4. Enter your handrail height

5. Enter your measurements

BINGO!  Get an instant quotation.  Add all the components to your cart with 1 click!

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Balustrade Quote Calculator – Balustrade costs made easy with this online instant quote calculator!


It is designed for all types of people, from Trades to DIY home renovators.  The Balustrade Quote 

The calculator will deliver accurate, timely, relevant costings and product information.  

This online quote calculator is something to consider if you are looking at building a balustrade. The  Balustrade Quote Calculator will not only calculate all your components it is also supported with links to Balustrade Regulations, step by step instructions videos on how to build your balustrade and the tools you will need.

Balustrade Quote Calculator  – What makes it unique?

Balustrade Quote Calculator offers many unique benefits:

  • It provides accurate prices so that professionals can quickly and easily quote for clients.
  • It provides instant pricing to DIY users.
  • It calculates quotes for straight balustrades and staircases.
  • It provides quotations for 13 different types of balustrade systems.
  • It calculators all the fittings, fixtures and wire lengths you will need
  • The products can be added to your online shopping cart with one click.
  • Free delivery is automatically added for orders over $200*

*+GST, conditions apply

The Miami Stainless balustrade builder is exclusive to the Miami Stainless online store and is designed to help you determine what components you will need for your wire balustrade project and give you an instant quote. The balustrade builder is very easy to use and will do all the difficult calculations for you! We have an exclusive balustrade builder for straight sections and one for stair or angled sections.

Miami Stainless has a number of high-quality AISI 316 marine-grade stainless steel wire balustrade systems available to suit timber or metal posts, walls or panels. If you are unsure what stainless steel wire balustrade system you require, please click on the buttons below for more information.

Check our article about installing a balustrade here.

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