Swage Stud Internal suits 3.2mm wire M5 x 40 LHT

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Inside Thread Swage Stud for 3.2mm Wire M5 x 40 mm RHT ProRig AISI 316

ProRig Internal Thread Swage Terminals are ultra high quality forged AISI 316 marine grade stainless steel and are designed to be swaged directly to stainless steel wire rope. Please Note: Swage Terminals must be swaged to wire rope with an appropriate swaging press.

S7811L-0305203.2mm2.5mmM5 x 20 LHT65302075
S7811L-0305303.2mm3.2mmM5 x 30 LHT75423075
S7811R-0406404mm3.2mmM6 x 40 RHT95504076
S7811L-0506205mm4mmM6 x 20 LHT70402086
S7811R-0506205mm4mmM6 x 20 RHT70402086