Wire Rope

Wire Rope
1x19 stainless steel wire7x197x7 stainless steel balustrade wire

Stainless Steel Cable

Miami Stainless stocks only ultra-high-quality stainless steel wire rope. Available in both AISI 316 and 304 marine grade stainless steel rigging wire. You can purchase stainless steel wire rope by the metre, in 50100305 and 1000 metre rolls.

We stock several wire rope constructions such as  7 x 77 x 19 and 1 x 19 construction. These wires suit a vast range of projects including wire balustrades, shade sail structures and general purpose stainless steel applications. We also stock a range PVC Coated wire cable is also available in a range of colours.

Miami Stainless wire cable has a superior smooth and shiny surface finish. We also have an in-house material testing facilities that ensures our products offers reliable breaking strains and corrosion resistance. 

Miami Stainless stocks the premium stainless steel wire by ProRig and the quality standard stainless steel wire ECON.  ProRig stainless wire rope is produced by a single Korean manufacturer with stringent quality control procedures and more than 30 years of experience. Econ wire is a competitively priced wire cable which gives your budget more flexibility whilst still enjoying the trusted quality you expect from Miami Stainless.

We work closely with our suppliers ensure that each product meets our exceptionally high standards of quality of materials and workmanship, providing you with the very best tools possible for your project.