Swage Stud suits 4mm wire M6 x 48mm RHT

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Swage Stud suits 4mm wire M6 x 48mm RHT Econ AISI 316 Miami Stainless 

Swage Stud suits 4mm wire M6 x 48mm RHT Econ AISI 316

Miami Stainless Swage Terminals, also known as Swage Studs are manufactured from high quality forged AISI 316 marine grade stainless steel and are specifically designed to help adjust the tension and length of  stainless steel wire rope, balustrade systems and other tensioning methods.

Miami Stainless range of Swage Terminals include Econ and the ultra-high quality ProRig brand available in a large range of metric thread sizes and lengths in both right-hand and left-hand threads

Please note: Swage Terminals must be swaged to wire rope with an appropriate swaging press

S7801L-02.505402.5mm5mm LHT8740475.56.1600
S7801R-02.505402.5mm5mm RHT8640475.56.1600
S7801L-0305403.2mm5mm LHT90405067.1600
S7801R-0305403.2mm5mm RHT9040506.7.1600
S7801L-0306253.2mm6mm LHT65253867.11200
S7801R-0306253.2mm6mm RHT65253867.11200
S7801R-030630SLN3.2mm6mm RHT70304067.11200
S7801L-030630SLN3.2mm6mm LHT70304067.11200
S7801L-0306353.2mm6mm LHT75353567.11200
3.2mm6mm RHT72353567.11200
S7801L-036403.2mm6mm LHT90385067.11200
S7801R-036403.2mm6mm RHT90385067.11200
S7801R-030640ECS3.2mm6mm RHT78403867.11200
S7801R-0306483.2mm6mm RHT97484867.11200
S7801L-030648SLN3.2mm6mm LHT100484867.11200
S7801R-030648SLN3.2mm6mm RHT100484867.11200
S7801R-0306753.2mm6mm RHT126755067.11200
S7801L-0406484mm6mm LHT11048607.58.351200
S7801R-0406484mm6mm RHT11048607.58.351200
S7801L-0408574mm8mm LHT11857607.58.352200
S7801R-0408574mm8mm RHT11857607.58.382200
S7801R-0408884mm8mm RHT14388557.58.352200
S7801L-0508605mm8mm LHT12857699.1510.252200
S7801R-0508605mm8mm RHT12857699.1510.252200
S7801R-0510605mm10mm RHT13067639
S7801R-05101155mm10mm RHT177115589.1511.53450
S7801R-0610656mm10mm RHT146638212.513.43200
S7801R-0612806mm10mm RHT162798012.513.45000
S7801R-06121436mm12mm RHT2331438312.713.45000
S7801R-06410656.4mm10mm RHT149658312.513.43200
S7801R-06412806.4mm12mm RHT16380832.713.44700
S7801R-0812808mm12mm RHT175809315.9516.855000
S7801R-0812858mm12mm RHT18083801616.85000
S7801R-08161008mm16mm RHT2141021101616.68000
S7801R-102010510mm20mm RHT22510511917.918.4312000
S7801R-122011612mm20mm RHT27811616021.521.712000
S7801R-142413814mm24mm RHT3301401852525.419000
S7801R-162417016mm24mm RHT38717021528.229.2519000

S7801L = Left hand thread   S7801R = Right hand thread

ECS - Econ Short Swage Stud

SNL - Slimline Nut