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Choosing between Satin Finish and Mirror Polish for Your Stainless Steel Balustrade

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A guide to choosing between Satin Finish and Mirror Polish Stainless Steel

A stainless steel wire balustrade system creates a striking contemporary design for stairways, as well as around swimming pools and balconies. But there are many different finishes to choose from, and selecting the best balustrade for your project can be an intimidating prospect. 


All of the stainless steel finishes that we offer at Miami Stainless are of the highest quality and will offer property owners years of use and enjoyment. The choice of which finish is best suited to your purposes is really just a matter of taste and preference. 


Round Stainless Steel Tube Square Stainless Steel Tube Rectangle Stainless Steel Tube Custom Made Stainless Steel Tube
Round handrail tube available 50.8mm, in 1.6mm & 3.0mm wall.  Available in mirror or stain finish Square sections available 50.8mm, in 1.6mm & 3.0mm wall.  Available in mirror or stain finish Rectangular hollow section stainless steel is available in 50mm x 10mm x 1.6mm, in mirror or satin finish Our in-house fabrication department can customise to suit your project.
round tube Square stainless steel tube RHS tube stainless steel handrail


Even so, there are a few distinctions between various finishes that should be taken into account when you are shopping around for balustrade posts and handrails. In this post, we are going to take a closer look at two particularly popular finishes:  


  • Mirror polished finish 
  • Satin finish 

In the process, we hope to provide our customers with insight into the best type of stainless steel for their specific purposes. 



Why Stainless Steel Is Perfect for Balustrade 

Stainless steel is one of the most sought-after types of metal for finishing homes and commercial spaces. This highly durable metal is protected by a chromium oxide film that is produced when oxygen in the atmosphere reacts with chromium in the steel. The result is an attractive finish that maintains its lustre and appearance for an exceptionally long time. 


Stainless steel resists corrosion, which makes it a particularly good option for finishing outdoor spaces that are exposed to the elements. Even better, if the surface does become damaged, the existing chromium on the surface of the steel will react with more oxygen in the atmosphere – essentially repairing the damage and restoring the surface to its original appearance. 


In terms of installing a balustrade or handrail, stainless steel is clearly one of the best materials to use. It offers longevity and strong aesthetic appeal – and few other materials can compete. But how do you determine which finish to choose? 



Mirror Polish Stainless Steel Balustrade

Polishing of any type improves the texture, appearance and consistency of stainless steel. In the case of mirror polish, it creates a reflective surface with brilliant shine. This is achieved by pre-grinding the metal to remove surface defects, and then bright-buffing the metal. The result is a smooth, reflective finish that shines even with the least bit of light. 


Mirror polish stainless steel balustrades are particularly good for outdoor applications, if only because they are so easy to clean. The fact that the surface is so smooth means that dust, dirt and grit are easily wiped off with a clean cloth. For coarser finishes, small particles of dust and dirt can easily get caught in the surface grains, but this simply is not an issue with a mirror polish balustrade. 


Although an attractive option, for families or properties that see a lot of traffic the stainless will easily show marks and fingerprints.  However mirror polish clean-up is a breeze and very little maintenance is required. 



Satin Finish Stainless Steel Balustrade

A satin finish lacks the brilliant sheen of a mirror polish finish. This is a form of brushed metal that is created by polishing the metal with a 120 to 180 grit belt before it is softened with a lower-grit greaseless compound or abrasive pad. The grinding motion follows a single back and forth direction. This ensures that the grit lines formed on the metal are more or less uniform in appearance. 


Satin finish stainless steel balustrades have a high aesthetic value. The resulting surface has a silky matte finish without any clear grit lines or grinding scores. This is often perceived as a bit more tasteful or even more restrained than a mirror polish.  


The upside to a satin finish stainless steel balustrade is that the surface is not reflective means that a small amount of dirt or oil will go largely undetected.  In other words, you won’t have to wipe it down as often as a mirror polish balustrade. 


The downslide to satin finish is the finish is slightly rough in texture. In  coastal and outdoor environments the small grooves in satin finish could trap tiny particles of dust, dirt and salt, which may result in deterioration, which is unlikley if mirror polish stainless steel was used.


Browse our selection of stainless steel wire balustrade online, and please feel free to contact our team with any specific questions. 


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