Bevelled Washers

Bevelled Washers

Bevel Washers

Miami Stainless range of high quality AISI 316 marine grade stainless steel Bevel Washers are available in both flat and concaved and are specifically designed for use with stainless steel wire balustrade angled sections such as stairs or ramps.  Miami Stainless Bevelled Concave Washers are used when a Tensioner and Rod Terminal are used with 2” (50mm) posts.

Grid View:

Bevelled Washer Concave - ALL SIZES


Bevelled Washer ConcaveCODEANGLEI.DO.DSURFACES7702C-063737 Degrees7.3102 inchS7702C-083737 Degrees8.3122 inch..


Bevelled Washer Flat - ALL SIZES


Bevelled Washer FlatCODEANGLEI.DO.DSURFACES7702-053030 Degrees511FlatS7702-054040 Degrees511FlatS7702-063030 Degrees613FlatS7702-063535 Degrees613FlatS7702-063737 Degrees7.310FlatS7702-064040 Degrees8..

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