Eye Nut Coach Screw 10mm x 80mm Econ AISI 316

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Eye Nut Coach Screws 10mm x 80mm AISI 316 Miami Stainless cast Econ AISI 316 stainless ste...

Eye Nut Coach Screws 10mm x 80mm AISI 316

Miami Stainless cast Econ AISI 316 stainless steel eye screw nuts are specifically designed to fasten into wooden posts, walls or panels for lifting purposes. Miami Stainless eye screw nuts can also be used to fasten stainless steel fittings to stair, ramp or angled sections.

M16 x 150 ECON Eye Nut Bolts  (with Nut & 1 Washer) AISI 316

Miami Stainless Eye Nut Bolts (with Nut & 1 Washer) are made from high quality AISI 316 Marine Grade stainless steel. Miami Stainless stainless steel Eye Bolts are specifically designed for general purpose and screw into varying types of panels, beams or engineered shade sail structures.

* Break loads relate to ProRig eye nuts only. Pull out strengths are based on maximum pull out loads achieve by using MGP10 structural pine.  They are intended as a guide only and a safety factor should be applied to these readings depending on the situation of use.  Much greater results can be achieved using hardwoods: for example Kwila will hold around 80-90% more tension.

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S3291-06060 - PRORIG5X6066014626550
S3291-06060 - ECON5X6066014626550
S3291-08080 - PRORIG8X8088018833820
S3291-08080 - ECON8X8088018833820
S3291-10080 - PRORIG10X801080221041645
S3291-10080 - ECON10X801080221041645
S3291-12100 - PRORIG12X100121002712501625
S3291-12140 - PRORIG12X140121402712501660
S3291-12160 - PRORIG12X160121602712501830