Econ Angled Post 50.8mm x 3.0mm Mirror Polish AISI 316

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  • Brand: Econ
  • Product Code: E5100-503.0MP
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Balustrade Econ Angle Posts

The top saddle must be purchased separately.

Econ has developed a unique and well-designed stainless steel Angled Post that is a great choice for your balustrade project. These posts are available in 50.8mm x 3.0mm or 50.8mm x 1.5mm in matte satin or mirror polish finish, made from the same high-quality 316-grade stainless steel that you are familiar with, plus a few new extras. Posts come pre-drilled to your specifications with a fully welded heavy-duty base plate and a seamlessly welded saddle base.
You must purchase the easy-to-install top saddle.

  • Blank post we can custom drill to match your staircase
  • 960mm high 
  • 316 grade stainless steel
  • 320 grit satin finish or mirror polish finish
  • Pre-welded base plate
  • Cover plate included
  • Adjustable top fitting
  • Suitable for outside and coastal applications