3.2mm Wire Rope 7x7 ProRig AISI 316 305 Metre

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Wire Rope 3.2mm 7x7 ProRig AISI 316 305 Metre

Wire Rope 3.2mm 7x7 ProRig AISI 316 305 Metre

-Imperial closest equivalent 1/8 inches (3.175mm)

Miami Stainless supplies an ultra-high quality ProRig 316 grade Stainless Steel Wire Rope produced by a single manufacturer with over 40 years of experience. ProRig 7 x 7 strand stainless steel wire rope is the most flexible, multi-purpose wire rope with a braided surface and bright finish, suitable for applications including shade structures, shade umbrellas and sails. ProRig 7 x 7 Wire Rope ends are ideal for use with Swage Sleeves and Thimbles.

316 Grade Stainless Wire Rope provides an alternative to our popular 316 Grade Wire Rope products and is suitable for environments that aren't subject to harsh coastal conditions.

Check out our resource tab to learn about different stainless steel wire rope constructions including what they are, how they can be used and Miami Stainless steel material testing in action.