Rafter Bracket Heavy Duty Assembly

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Rafter Bracket Heavy Duty Assembly - Rated to 1200Kg

  • Over 5 times stronger than other rafter brackets
  • Made with high strength steel
  • Only 2.5mm of deflection at the tile height when loaded to 1200kg
  • LOWER COST than other Rafter Bracket Assemblies
  • Special Design Large Oversized Washers Included to spread the load over a larger area
  • 2 through holes allow for fitting of Eye Bolts in 4 directions
  • Shade sail can be connected at any angle

Assembly complete with:

- 1 x RB-30 Rafter bracket

- 8 x M10 x 70mm Bolts

- 8 x M10 Zinc Washer

- 4 x backing plates

- 1 x M10 Eye bolt

- 1 x M10 Hex Nut

Registered Design 

Registered design Symbol to follow every instance of Rafter Bracket 30mm