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Lag Screw  AISI 316

Lag Screw  AISI 316

Miami Stainless Lag Screws are high quality forged AISI 316 marine grade stainless steel and are designed to fasten wire rope to timber posts, walls and panels. Check out our exclusive online Balustrade Builder here if you require a Lag Screw Swage Stud Balustrade System.

S7831L-030630M6x30mm LHT706303.2mm400
S7831R-030630M6x30mm RHT706303.2mm400
S7831L-030640M6x40mm LHT906403.2mm580
S7831R-030640M6x40mm RHT906403.2mm580

*Pull out strengths are based on the maximum pull out loads achieved using MGP 10 structural pine. They are intended as a guide only and a safety factor should be applied to these readings depending on the situation of use. Much greater results can be achieved using hardwoods; for example Kwila will hold around 80-90% more tension.