Eye Bolts

Eye Bolts

Shade Sail Eye Bolts

Browse our range of stainless steel eye bolts for fixing shade sails below. Our stainless steel eye bolts are designed to be corrosion resistant to withstand rain and harsh weather conditions.

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Eye Nuts - AISI 304 Grade - ALL SIZES


Miami Stainless Eye Nuts are made from high quality cast AISI 304  grade stainless steel and are electro polished for a superior finish. Miami Stainless stainless steel&n..


Eye Bolt (444 Type) - ALL SIZES


Eye Bolt M8 x 80mm Metal Thread AISI 316  -Imperial closest equivalent 5/16 inches (7.9375mm) x 3 1/4 inches (82.55mm)Miami Stainless M8 x 80mm Eye Bolts are made from high quality forg..


Eye Bolt With Collar - ALL SIZES


Eye Bolt with Collar Miami Stainless Eye Bolts with Collar are made from high quality stainless steel. Eye Bolts are specifically designed to screw into varying types of panels, beams or eng..


Eye Nut Bolt - AISI 316 - ALL SIZES


Eye Nut Bolts (with Nut & 1 Washer) AISI 316Miami Stainless Eye Nut Bolts (with Nut & 1 Washer) are made from high quality AISI 316 Marine Grade stainless steel. Miami Stainless stainless..


Eye Nut Coach Screw - AISI 316 - ALL SIZES


Eye Nut Coach Screws AISI 316Miami Stainless cast Econ AISI 316 stainless steel eye screw nuts are specifically designed to fasten into wooden posts, walls or panels for lifting purposes. Miami Stainl..


Welded Eye Bolt - ALL SIZES


Welded Eye Bolt  Metal Thread AISI 316 (with nut and two washers)Miami Stainless Welded Eye Bolts are made from high quality forged Marine Grade stainless steel and comes..

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