Saddle (Eye Strap) 10mm ProRig AISI 304

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Saddle (Eye Strap) 10mm ProRig AISI 304

Saddle (Eye Strap) 10mm ProRig AISI 304

-Imperial closest equivalent 25/64 inches (9.9219mm)

Miami Stainless 10mm ProRig Saddles, also known as Eye Straps, are high quality AISI 304 grade stainless steel which easily fasten to any flat timber or steel post, wall or panel.  Exclusive to Miami Stainless, ProRig Original Design Small Eye Saddles are specifically designed for stainless steel wire balustrade to provide a neater appearance compared to standard saddles by hiding the eye behind the jaw of a Bottlescrew or Fork Terminal.

S322-04 - ECON4421032173.5
S322-05304 - ECON5511338.5233.5
S322-05 - PRORIG5511338214
S322-05 - ECON5511338214
S322-06 - PRORIG6611644245
S322-06 - ECON6611644245
S322-08 - PRORIG8651750256
S322-08 - ECON8651750256

* ProRig product AISI

** 5mm Econ saddles - L1=40mm