Screw Eye 12mm x 120mm ProRig AISI 316

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Screw Eye 12 x 120mm ProRig AISI 316     -Imperial closest...

Screw Eye 12 x 120mm ProRig AISI 316

    -Imperial closest equivalent 15/32 inches (11.9063mm) x 4 3/4 inches (120.65mm)

Miami Stainless forged 12 x 120mm ProRig AISI 316 stainless steel Screw Eyes are specifically designed to fasten into wooden posts, walls or panels. Miami Stainless Screw Eyes are perfect for stair, ramp or angled stainless steel balustrade systems because they allow the balustrade to follow the angled section.

S3182-0555 - PRORIG5X555555.2612780
S3182-0640 - PRORIG6X406406.27**14**526
S3182-0640 - ECON6X406406.27**14**574
S3182-0660 - PRORIG6X606606.27**14**800
S3182-0660 - ECON6X606606.27**14**709
S3182-0680 - PRORIG6X8068066.714
S3182-0860 - PRORIG8X608608.2919890
S3182-0880 - PRORIG8X808808.58.718
S3182-10100 - PRORIG10X1001010010.312201200
S3182-10120 - PRORIG10X1201012010.312201367
S3182-12100 - PRORIG12X1001210012.314251590
S3182-12120 - PRORIG12S1201212012.314251814

*Pull out strengths are based on the maximum pull out loads achieved by using MGP 10 structural pine. They are intended as a guide only and a safety factor should be applied to these readings depending on the situation of use. Much greater results can be achieved using hardwoods: for example Kwila will hold around 80-90% more tension.